Introducing STRICTLYiN (Influential), an online boutique based in Austria, which opens the door to a new age of fashion. Our brand strives to redefine the quality of affordable fashion by adopting the concept of slow fashion. At Strictly Influential, we believe in curating timeless fashion collections prioritizing quality. We take pride in handpicking a collection of timeless, durable, and versatile designs that can withstand the test of time.

Our online boutique proposes both trending and timeless high-quality styles for each season. We take great care to ensure that our products are comfortable to use and built to last. Our goal is to fuse creativity with function and durability to ensure that every style stands the test of time.

Our founder, Jenny, the driving force behind the fashion blog Jennysgou, believes in promoting unique fashion choices for everyone. Our mission is to challenge the fast fashion mentality by offering exceptional, high-quality clothing options that are both stylish and affordable.

Jenny the Founder of Strictly Influential and the Fashion Blog Jennysgou

Our brand name, STRICTLYiN (Influential), symbolizes our conviction that every woman should stay true (strict) to her values and never compromise on her high standards. We also believe that being “influential” with your own unique style is not just “in”, it’s an art. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to be your authentic self - a strictly influential woman.

We are committed to ethical fashion practices, starting with quality design, trustworthy production, and eco-friendly packaging.

Our collections are created in the heart of Europe, taking inspiration from the contemporary woman. Each piece tells a unique story, allowing us to share our passion for fashion with the world. You can catch glimpses of our fashion world on Instagram, where we showcase beautiful imagery, and on Pinterest, where we gather inspiration and ideas.

Stay connected with us as we continue to redefine fashion, combining quality, timelessness, and style in every collection. Your journey to curated fashion with a purpose begins here.



Jenny, the visionary behind STRICTLYiN (Influential), started this journey to share her passion for fashion with a mindful and slower approach. In a world that struggles with the ever-increasing dominance of fast fashion mentality, which comes at the expense of quality, Jenny’s conviction in high-quality, slower-paced fashion never wavered. It only strengthened her determination to establish a platform dedicated to quality and investment fashion.

Jenny’s love for fashion began during her days running a Photography and Videography Business. She later pursued a degree in Information Technology and Media Engineering. During her studies, she expressed her creativity through Instagram and Pinterest, gaining valuable experience as the founder of the fashion blog “Jennysgou”. With her education and experience, as well as her passion and keen eye for fashion, she is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to connect her brand with the fashion industry.

Driven by her artistic and creative inclinations, Jenny was inspired to bring STRICTLYiN (Influential) to life. Her goal was to offer affordable high-quality clothing strictly made in Europe, bridging the gap between fast fashion and luxury clothes.

At Strictly Influential, we are more than just an online boutique. Our commitment is to empower you to embrace fashion with a conscience and celebrate your unique style.

Explore our world of fashion and inspiration on our blog, Jennysgou. Follow us on InstagramPinterest and TikTok for a visual journey through our world of fashion and inspiration.