Floral Print Mini Dress

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Floral dress with a loose, comfortable cut, and an adjustable waist. Romantic and boho with frills at the bottom, deep neckline, and long ethereal sleeves.

Size Length Hips Chest Waist
L 90/100 cm 124 cm 112 cm 106 cm
M 85/95 cm 118 cm 106 cm 100 cm
S 80/90 cm 112 cm 100 cm 94 cm
XL 95/105 cm 130 cm 118 cm 112 cm
XS 79/89 cm 106 cm 94 cm 80 cm
XXL 100/110 cm 136 cm 124 cm 118 cm
XXXL 105/115 cm 142 cm 130 cm 124 cm

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Floral Print Mini Dress
Floral Print Mini Dress